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Crafting Your Investment Strategy with Riskalyze

Let's talk about Risk. 

Riskalyze supports a new way of assessing investment risk. 

We would like to start our conversation by talking about risk. You may or may not be familiar with mainstream approaches to assessing investment risk that have dominated the industry for decades, but let me walk you through an approach that we use in our practice. 

We believe investment risk is specific to each and every individual. We believe assigning a risk number is a more understandable approach for investors. 

My approach utilizes something called the Risk Number. It's a quantitative way to help pinpoint:

  1. How much risk you want to take
  2. How much risk you currently have in your portfolio
  3. How much risk you may need to take to pursue your goals

It's a number from 1 to 99 (1 having the least amount of risk and 99 is like having all of your investments in an aggressive stock).

How much risk do you want?

We'll take a quantitative approach to pinpointing your Risk Number by going through a series of objective exercises based on actual dollar amounts.

Let's pinpoint your Risk Number. We'll go through a series of simple, mathematical assessments based on real dollars to determine how much you're willing to risk (lose) in exchange for an opportunity at a specific gain. This puts you in charge of an objective outcome. If you'd like to go back, change the results, or use a more detailed version of the assessment, we can do that easily.

How much risk do you have?

If you've already got an investment portfolio, we can quickly import it and see if your Risk Number aligns with your current amount of Risk.

How much risk should you have?

We'll take all of these factors into consideration to build you a portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and goals. We can then stress test your new portfolio, visualize expense ratios, discuss you 95% probability range, and set expectations for the future!

How much risk might you need?

We can chart a path toward retirement using a simple, intuitive approach. We'll visualize the potential for a successful retirement and adjust in real-time. 

You'll love how we'll generate a real-time, plug-and-play retirement map to visualize the potential for success in the future. We'll help make sure your Risk Number and savings plan aligns with what you'll need in order to pursue your goals. 

Together, we can help take the guesswork out of your financial future. 

IMPORTANT: All investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. 

How risky is your portfolio?

How risky is your portfolio?

Do you know how fast your portfolio is moving?

Short Term Risk

Short Term Risk

How much risk can you handle in 6 months?

Every Client is Unique

Every Client is Unique

Is your portfolio aligned with your risk tolerance?

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